Spa Treatments and Therapies


SPA (Sanus Per Aqua)

How do we improve our health using therapeutic water?

Bath therapy

This includes bathing in tubs with therapeutic water, which has biologic effects on the human body. At Therma Spa you can find six personal and an outdoor canadian tub witch measures 7x3,5x1m.

All tubs include jacuzzis, while in the big tub you can enjoy special water pressure programs for six kinds of rehabilitation treatment. You can also enjoy your bath with essential oils and salts.

Drinking therapy

Drinking therapeutic water for periods of 3-4 weeks is beneficial for diseases such as bile, gall bladder dyskinesia and gall stone, e.t.c.

Clay therapy

It consists of using “mellow” clay in immersion or application. Clay acts in two ways: both locally on the complexion and conducting therapeutic essences and trace elements through your body.

At Therma Spa you can enjoy clay treatment with “Lemnian land” - “Terra Lemnia” (Holly soil) which is known since ancient years.

Massage - Muscular relaxation, relief, rehabilitation

• Relaxing (Swedish)
• Aromatherapy
• Shiatsu
• Hot stone
• Hot chocolate
• Herbal Siam
• Reflexology
• Oriental
• Ba Guan kapping
• Wellness candle

Aesthetics and Health
• Spa manicure/pedicure
• Facial therapy
• Body treatment
• Peeling
• Hammam - Sauna

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