Spa glossary

Deep Muscle Massage
Deep massage is an intense massage directed to individual muscle fibers and is both corrective and therapeutic. It unsticks the muscle fibers while releasing deep tensions and removing toxins and re-educating the muscle to operate at full capacity. Creates a prolonged state of reduced muscular tension by applying deep muscle compression and cross fiber friction to increase blood and lymphatic flow.

Essential Oils

Extractions from plants can affect the entire body. They work:
On the skin by dissolving dead surface cells, improving texture, adding softness, stimulating and toning. On the nervous system by calming and soothing the nerve endings, causing a sense of euphoria. They normalize glandular function. On the muscles by relieving fatigue, reducing soreness and stiffness, improving resistance and elasticity of muscles. On the blood and lymph by increasing metabolism and elimination of waste.

Therapeutic massage is one of the best, most non-invasive, and enjoyable forms of health, fitness, and general wellness therapy available today. Human touch as a form of therapy can positively affect all of the body's systems simultaneously without any unpleasant side-effects.

Sauna / Steam Room
Renewed vigour and vitality, Muscle relaxation, increased energy levels and stamina, Sensory enhancement and softer skin, Greater resistance to illness, an improved sense of total well-being. Sauna raises your body temperature, which makes your blood vessels dilate and increases circulation. The increase in circulation helps your immune system empty toxins and waste from your blood stream and the increase in circulation also speeds up your metabolism.

Swedish Massage
A combination of circular movements, kneading motions and long firm strokes are used to relax the muscles, stimulate the immune system and improve circulation of the blood and lymph. Swedish massage also promotes connective tissue mobility, increases joint flexibility and reduces pain.

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy oils can relieve stress, stimulate body function, promote relaxation and elevate mood. Used in combination with massage oil the result is a relaxing completely individualized healing treatment.

Sports Massage
This treatment is specifically designed to aid an athlete┬┤s specific needs and reduce the chance of sports related injuries and to treat existing problems.

Neck & Shoulders Massage
Using an oil blend that complements this intensive massage, which dramatically relaxes tense and aching back muscles caused by stress or strenuous activities. Recommend for those who have busy schedule and are short on time.

Jet Lag Massage

This technique helps to relieve tiredness and fatigue associated with jet lag. This massage will loosen tight muscles in the back, neck, shoulder and arms whilst concentrating on the legs to leave you feeling balanced and re energized.

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