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According to Aristotle University of Thessaloniki research Therma therapeutic source water is medium warm (39-43 °C), Read more...


SPA (Sanus Per Aqua)

How do we improve our health using therapeutic water?



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Welcome to Therma Spa

Besides a beautiful, green and charming location with warm gushing water, is also a place with a history from the ancient years.

Archeological findings such as old water tanks and building fragments prove Therma therapeutic source usage since Roman and Byzantine period.

During the Ottoman occupation the building used to be a hammam (turkish bath). In 1770 Jezaerli Hasan passa built the main building and constructed tubs for common use.

Therma history goes back to Homer’s age, while, according to the myth, it was there that god Ifestos was brought by the Sintyes, Lemnos’ inhabitants, in order to heal his wounds after falling down from Olympus.

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